Friday, February 27, 1987

Donnie Iris & The Cruisers, Holiday Inn Metroplex, Girard, OH

The tickets for this show were amazingly cheap, $3.00, yes you read that right, $3.00 a piece.  I went with friends Yvonne & JR, Criss & Dennis, Bill (now my husband), and then boyfriend Alan.  We all crammed into JR's boat of a car and traveled to the show together.  Our seats were decent, and the show rocked.  We definitely got our money's worth, and  Ah! Leah! is still one of my favorite songs today.

As usual, my seat was by a wacko.  The girl in front of me was with four guys, and they all had their hands in her top and under her skirt.  She was loud and giggly, and kept telling them that only one guy at a time could touch her.  She also kept drinking, and eventually threw up all over herself.  When she came back from cleaning herself up, she tried to sit on my lap instead of in her own seat. I took my high-heeled foot and kicked her right off of my lap before her butt made contact.  She landed on her ass, then she stood up, turned around, and slapped Bill, who was sitting next to me, as hard as she could.  He just rolled his eyes and joked that they couldn't take me anywhere.

Set List:
1. Tough World
2. The Rapper
3. She's So European
4. Do You Compute
5. My Girl
"Rap" is the next thing listed as Donnie talked to the audience for awhile
6. I Can't Hear You
7. Somebody
8. That's the Way Love Oughta Be
9. This time it Must Be Love
10. Stagedoor Johnny
11. Love is Like A Rock
12, High and the Mighty
13. Ah! Leah!

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